Mysterious, is her nature


We have given life to a table by the name of Plume by creating her persona and animating her. She has become our guide, showing us how to tell you her story.


Will she inspire you as much as she has enlightened us?


Her mysterious nature is unveiled through a scenography in a short stop motion animation film.


An art that expresses poetic concreteness, our signature.

Plume film title

Menuiserie réveillée (2017), literally ‘wood-workshop woken up’, is a stop motion short film in which several hands act as characters. Through their encounter and their combined skills, they create and make a woodwork artisan piece inspired by the observation of a poetic landscape from Provence in the South of France.


Through a story telling pace of 24 photographs per second, we attempt to express the subtle alchemy at work when feelings and inspiration drawn from observing nature turn into a tangible creation through the hands’ know-how.


This unreleased content is the fruit of a collaboration between artists and artisans in an atypical place. It brings both a poetic and concrete eye on the relationship between art and craft from the past to the present.

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