Mysterious, is her nature.

Creative companion of choice, featherweight drawing or writing surface,

freedom of movement and of expression

Let Plume inspire you

Find your Plume, the rest will flow

Plume invites you to step out of time and relax to enter your creative flow with her:

writing by hand or drawing on her wide surface, typing on your laptop or sketching on your pen tablet, spreading your papers all over.


This smooth and spacious wood top allows you to focus exclusively on your creative work.


Plume opens and closes effortlessly with the tip of your fingers as an echo of the creative breath, inhaling and exhaling. She is simply floating on her copper base designed to hold her weight without fittings. The rounded edge on either side welcomes your arms to rest on for long hours.

Photography : Christine Bozza


Her versatile nature will make you love her more

Plume loves it when you play with her once work time is over.


Turning her into an outstanding cocktail presentation table at dusk for your guests’ delight, as she loves to draw attention. Splitting her in two tables on different levels to reinvent your interior in unprecedented ways. Plume also knows how to behave discretely as a console in your  lounge or entrance hall although she appreciates being noticed by your guests.


Make her feel at home.

Staging her in your interior

Plume’s lightness adds a sense of spaciousness to your interior. Plume also brings a touch of feminine beauty and refinement to both a contemporary minimalist architecture as well as to more classic interiors.

Interior : courtesy of Noëlle and Joël Canat


Your Plume is one of a kind

Each Plume is a unique composition of carefully selected wood cuts assembled by a master artisan. You can choose your Plume’s finish from a palette of red oak tones, from the lighter to the darker hues, with mesmerising patterns running along its length and aligned across the internal cut.







Plume is handcrafted in the region of Provence, South of France
Her red oak solid wood top assembled and carved by a master artisan
rests on a handmade silver brazed copper structure
A palette of tones is available
Handcrafted one of a kind pieces
Numbered pieces and limited edition
Twin dovetail internal links below the woodtop

Investing in a long lasting piece

Plume is handcrafted using the finest natural solid materials, red oak, copper and silver. This ensures Plume will age beautifully, taking on even more character over the years.  As series are numbered and limited, the odds are high that your Plume will increase in value over time.

Double triangular base, assembled copper tubes, silver brazed, hand polished, red oak support pads.



Natural materials • Alliance of wood and copper • Palette of tones offered


• • •


Dimensions : L : 73 in / 185 cm • W : 22.5 in / 57 cm • H : 29 in / 74 cm


• • •



Top Weight : 10.5kg / 23 pounds • Legs Weight : 4.5kg / 10 pounds


The jewellery case, signed Plume, waxed matt black finish, studded opening straps.

Made to measure chest, upholstered with virgin wool, tightened with screws for a perfect hold and protection during travel,

with openings to allow to breathe.

The jewellery case signed Plume:


made to measure supports, strengthened for travel


cork lining base rests for protection,


carrying side openings,


tightened cover.


What wood essence is Plume carved out of ?

Plume is handcrafted out of sustainably sourced red oak. We choose this particular wood essence for the beauty of its palette of tones and for its sturdy nature which makes it possible to craft Plume’s thin yet solid external edge (3mm).

Why is there a gap in the middle ?

Plume’s internal cut is her signature. Beyond the aesthetic feminine beauty that this internal space brings to the piece, it enables to play and configure Plume in different ways as one or two tables and as a console on one or two levels.

Does the Plume table come in different sizes ?

Plume comes in a unique size which we believe is the spaciousness that enhances the flow of your creative work. Our desire is that Plume becomes your creative ally, the one with whom you fully express yourself in unprecedented ways.

Is she attached to the base ?

Plume is simply resting on her base, her stability is ensured by both the internal dovetail guides and by the geometry of the base designed to balance her light weight evenly.

We love the idea that Plume’s free spirit means she does not come attached to anything.

Is she comfortable to work on ?

Her spaciousness means you can spread your pens and papers all over as well as have a laptop and pen tablet handy. Her smooth surface and rounded edges on either side offer a sensual touch experience and a soft support to rest your arms on for an extended time. It all makes hours feel like minutes when you create by her side.

Does the base allow enough legroom ?

The space between both parts of her base offers plenty of legroom to sit with your legs open or extended. Plume is designed to welcome a 35 to 45cm / 14 to 18in wide chair.

Is she fragile ?

Plume is delicate, not fragile.

She is handcrafted out of solid red oak, one of the sturdiest wood essences, meaning she will also age gracefully. Her base is composed of two lightweight copper structures that are silver brazed, the strongest possible bond for this metal type. As a lightweight table, the maximum weight she can carry is limited to 30kg – 65lbs.

Are Plume tables unique pieces ?

Each Plume table is a unique composition of carefully selected wood cuts by a master artisan. We invite you to choose your preferred red oak tone and pattern.

Your Plume is one of a kind.

Do you produce them in large numbers ?

Plume tables are handcrafted in small series of five pieces. This ensures the utmost attention required is given to each piece whilst optimising the production unit cost. Series are numbered and limited.

Is the copper base protected against oxidisation ?

The copper base is protected against oxidisation through the use of a professional metal polish product with surface protection. A care kit which includes 100mL of this premium product is provided for each Plume table.

What care instructions do you recommend ?

Solid wood is sensitive to changes in both temperature and humidity. Your Plume table should be used mostly indoors. She must never rest on a flat surface without supports.

Always allow air to freely flow around her.

This ensures the solid wood does not warp. Avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight and keep her away from high temperature sources such as radiators, chimneys, wood or pellet burning stoves, ovens and from humid environments such as kitchens, bathrooms or rain.

Plume comes protected with a light mat varnish to resist liquid spills and stains. Gently clean your Plume with a neat soft humid cloth. No solvent must be used in any case. You can also use natural furniture wax to look after her. Plume must also be protected from the heat of hot cups or tea and coffee pots.

Are they made to order ?

We handcraft Plume tables in numbered series of five pieces. This way we can show you a set of unique pieces that illustrates the palette of red oak tones offered and provide a shorter lead time compared to making them to order only.

How long does it take from order to delivery ?

The lead time from order to delivery depends on whether you choose one of the Plume tables in current production or if your Plume comes from the next series, due to your tone and pattern preferences. This is why the delivery time for your Plume ranges from four to twelve weeks.

Do you ship them worldwide ?

We ship Plume tables worldwide and ensure your Plume comes protected in  tailor made upholstered jewellery box.


The five first numbered pieces currently in production are available on preorder.


Preorder now or consult us for all information related to pricing, lead time and purchasing advisors opportunities for professionals by filling out the form below or by writing to us:

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